What follows is the H.I.L.S. Test - 1. It is divided into three parts. Start from the beginning and read each question carefully. Once you have completed this section please do not return to it, as this will be considered grounds for disqualification.

Please be honest. Scales have been added to detect dishonest and inconsistent answers.

Please read each statement carefully. If you are unsure of an answer guess. Questions not completed according to instructions will be marked incorrect.

Please answer all questions individually without assistance. If there is a problem consult with your interviewer.

Human Rights Acknowledgement

The instrument so designed has not intentionally discriminated against race, religion, sex, physical characteristics, age, or national origin. Thus this instrument complies with the Canadian Bill of Rights and Human Rights legislation.

  All rights of this test are reserved under copyright law. No part of the scales may be reproduced in any form, including computer storage, without the expressed written permission of Canadian Psychometric Surveys.

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There are 88 questions in this survey.